Take charge of your Android!

AndroXplorer Pro empowers you to securely and effectively manage your Android mobile device. AndroXplorer Pro features three independent folder views designed to provide the best user experience for Android device. Within each of the three views you can perform standard file operations such as copy, cut and paste. Switching from one view to another can simply be achieved by a flick of your hand. Such is the unique convenient that facilitate file operations from view to view. Under the hood, each view is powered by advanced media cache and search system that speed up the display. Including also a very fast and reliable search module that seeks recursively into your SD card and reveals your files in a few heartbeats.

If you need to protect and store your valuable data, you will find in AndroXplorer Pro the state-of-the-art archiving and encryption technologies that enable you to pull together a number of files, compress and encrypt them into one archive file for easier portability and storage, or simply to be able to use less storage space.

AndroXplorer Pro also deliver an extremely secure yet very user-friendly password manager that make it just a tap away to use the most hard-to-crack password as long as 128 characters.

The following list highlights many of the significant features and enhancements in AndroXplorer Pro version 4.

Three fully independent views

Three fully independent views to manage, sort or display files and folders. Each view is powered by advanced media cached system that enables it to display the file and folder information instantly, including the size of the folder in the SD Card. Four display modes available for each view along with four sorting options. Smooth and easy transition from view to view by flicking or dragging the view left or right.

Recycle, backup and restore

Option to delete directly or delete to Recycle folder. Backup shortcuts and servers settings to backup folder and then restore them if you need to.

Intuitive Operations

Long press to start multiple-selection mode by revealing a clearly visible toolbar or action bar with unique buttons for each operation. Extra feature on the phone (not tablet) includes long press on the button to reveal its pertinent function in a short toast message.

Multiple file operations

AndroXplorer Pro allows you to perform more than one file operation in the background. The number of operations depends on the capability of your device.

Built for Tablets and Phones

AndroXplorer Pro supports Android Tablets (Honeycomb and higher) and Android phone (Eclair and higher). Tablet version and phone version are running on top of the same modules with different user interface.

Built-in support for Windows networking (SMB Servers)

Scan your network for Windows Shares (SMB Servers), simple set up steps and fast network connection.

Applications Manager

AndroXplorer Pro built-in applications manager enables you to manage applications that you have installed from the Android Market.

Fast image preview

Thumbnail previews for images and media files depend on your device.

Wide variety of archive formats supported

AndroXplorer Pro supports a wide variety of archive formats.
For compression and extraction:

  • Zip (Deflate, Deflate64, LZMA, PPMd, BZip2) with Unicode file names supported.
  • 7z (LZMA, LZMA2, PPMd, BZip2), XZ, Wim, BZip2, GZip, Tar.
  • Supported extraction-only archives include but are not limited to:


    For root users, AndroXplorer Pro supports access to root file system and directories, change permissions with CHMOD, remount, copy, cut, rename and delete files.

    Password Manager

    Password Manager that supports portable password database files (AXPW). AXPW is an AES256 encrypted file containing password entries in a hierarchical structure. The built-in password manager also support exporting, importing of password entries to third party password manager, at the moment, KeePass v.2 is the only one supported.

    Simple Built-in text editor

    Great for creating quick notes. You can create and edit notes within AndroXplorer Pro with the simple but very fast text editor.

    Six themes to choose from

    AndroXplorer Pro provides six themes for you to choose for any occasion.

    Add shortcuts from any file folder

    Tap a button to add shortcuts from any file folder. The shortcuts are stored in the database and displayed in the shortcuts folder.

    Fast Search

    Responsive and reliable fast search for your SD Card.


    AndroXplorer Pro is available in 11 languages.